What do you get?

As a result of Igor Korovin, depending on the selected recording format, you get:

  1. Etched moments of happiness that will delight your children and grandchildren, many years later (photos in electronic format on disk or flash media)
  2. The wedding fiction hardcover book
  3. Decorated with your photo mats
  4. Music and decorated slide show of your photos
  5. Your sincere emotions from time spent on photography.


When you get your photo?

Photos will be given to you within 45 business days after your celebration decorated in the author's performance.

Treaty of filming:

As a result of mutual agreement, the contract is to conduct surveys and provide photographic services, which is a confirmation of the intentions of both sides.

Format Premium

  • Photoshooting of your wedding day from morning bride's preparations until the end of the official part of the banquet is made by Igor Korovin and assistant photographer
  • Banquet part is photographed by assistant photographer until the wedding cake
  • Igor Korovin photographs as a photo journalist at the banquet

You get:

  • from 300 to 500 retouched original shots (as you can see them on the website) on flash-card
  • premium wedding photo-book - size 30*90 cm
  • post-producted and ready for printing photograps from the banquet on flash-card
  • 10 printed photograps 30*40 cm
  • 4 printed posters 40*60 cm
  • musical slide show
  • all ready-made matherial in jpeg (without post-production) as a historical value from your special day


(transfer and other expensice are included)